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Still wondering how your competitions has hundreds or thousands of good reviews, when you get only few? Asking customers for reviews, but not getting any? There is simple way to fix this problem! Our review system helps you easily get more reviews and stops the bad reviews before they become public.

All you do is enter customer name and email. System sends review request to customer. Customer click on "review us" link in the email and (after we determine that he is happy customer) we present links that will take your customer straight to his favorite review site. When we see customer is not so happy with your business we will send him to form where he can describe why he is not happy. This is send to business owner, so he can contact customer and try to resolve the problem , before customer starts to post bad reviews on public sites.

Our review system tracks all the clicks, so if we notice that the customer did not review your business in 2 days, we will automaticly send reminder asking for review. This increases your chance to get big number of good reviews

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How to start?

It is very simple and inexpensive to start to use the system. Usually it takes only few minutes to setup everything.

The cost is only $10/m (with yearly payments) or $15/m (with quarterly payments)

Because sytem is still in development , the registraion is not open to public. Use contact form on top of this page to reuest access to system.

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